About Indsale - Indsale Ltd. is a Green COmpany specializing in:
  • Waterborne PSA’s for tapes and packaging
  • Epoxy and urethane, 100% solids and waterborne systems
  • Release coatings
  • Fragile membrane matrices and specialty laminates for the security field
  • Pharmaceutical compliance packaging
Mission Statement

Indsale’s mission is to utilize our knowledge and expertise in the areas of adhesives, coatings, laminates, custom packaging and security documents in order to provide innovative solutions to our customers. With strong focus on our customers ever-changing needs, we continue to excel at being responsive to industries such as security, pharmaceutical and food processing. We forge ahead to other various industries, interested to take on new challenging applications, issues and/or requirements that manufacturers may be faced with now and in the future.

Indsale's Origins

INDSALE LTD was founded in 1976 by Michael J. Markiewicz to provide sales and marketing expertise in adhesive technologies for the international market place.

Incorporated in 1980 with the addition of a plant chemist for compounding and formulating water-based adhesives.

In 1982, the manufacturing division of Indsale was formed. Paul Marks, Vice President of Manufacturing joined Indsale to provide expertise in the manufacturing section.

Technology Advances

Developed specialty polymers for the construction\concrete industry.

Formulated special coatings and adhesives for various packaging applications.

Developed and manufactured innovative adhesive and coating technologies for use in high security laminates and fragile matrices for: passports, optical thin films, holograms and ID cards.

Products and Services